Everything related to your apartment and neighborhood, all in one app!

Your LIVING SERVICES app boasts all the features of the Allthings app.


The LIVING SERVICES app – your advantages

The Living Services app comes fully equipped with all the features offered by Allthings. How can you benefit from the new app? Your advantages at a glance:

Order and pay for services

Everything from cleaning to vacation services: you’ll find the full range of Living Services offers in the app, which also covers the entire billing and payment process.

Direct line to property management

You will be able to use the app to notify your property management about any problems you’re having - around the clock. Plus, this is where you’ll find all of the important information about your apartment – in one central location and everything at a glance.

Direct line to neighbors

Look for your missing cat, find a babysitter, sell things – the app’s Pinboard, Marketplace and Sharingplace put you in touch with your neighbors.


You can use the app to book the following services. Check below for information about the partners providing the Living Services.


Did your mother-in- law just pop in for a visit? No problem! We can even clean your apartment on short notice. Of course we also offer regular cleanings or individually scheduled appointments as needed. To ensure that you enjoy coming home.


Do you deserve a vacation? Then you should be able to enjoy it too! The new vacation service will let you start relaxing on your way to the airport. We’ll take care of everything, even anything you might have forgotten.


Still out and about but you actually need to be someplace else? We’ll handle it. Send us a message through the app and we’ll be there. Small services or special tasks. Now or later.


Do you work long hours and don’t have any time left for your laundry? Then leave it up to us. We’ll pick it up and bring it back - washed and ironed. All you have to do is put it away in your wardrobe.


Do you have a move coming up and are multiple moving companies now knocking on your door? You can count on us to provide quality-tested services at a fair price. We also clean your old apartment so you can focus on getting settled into the new one.

Flower Services

You want to make someone happy? What could be more beautiful than a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered directly to your home? Order comfortably through us and give someone a nice day!


You'd like to go out sometime? No problem! We arrange reliable and child-friendly babysitters, nannies and caregivers for you. This way you can really enjoy the time for two or just for yourself.

Animal Care

Your pet is your one and only, but who takes care of it when you are on the road? We can provide you with reliable dog walkers, cat sitters and other animal handlers who will be happy to look after your pet.

Rental deposit insurance

Simplify rent deposit? When moving, the biggest financial challenge is paying the rent deposit. Thanks to our deposit insurance, you have an attractive alternative where you do not have to wait until you move out to see your capital again.

Energy visualization

"Keeping track of the energy consumed or reducing the CO2 footprint? With our energy visualization you can easily get an overview of your water, heat or electricity consumption in real time. "
( in selected properties )

Parcel box

No more stress with parcels and who will accept them? Thanks to this solution, you can easily receive and collect parcels in your absence - regardless of the parcel service. In addition, returns or even the key for your neighbours or friends can be deposited.
( in selected properties )

Our Partners

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